Fabian Geyrhalter Photography

Fabian Geyrhalter Portrait

Portrait of Fabian Geyrhalter © Judy Kim, 2007

I am the Principal/Creative Director of the branding consultancy FINIEN. Born in Vienna, Austria, to a violinist and art historian, I went on to study Graphic Design in Switzerland and moved to Los Angeles where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Art Center College of Design.

Being a Designer, Creative Director and Instructor, I spend most of my time coming up with new concepts, finding unique solutions to common problems, or simply inspiring my company's designers or students. My photography is a result of this. Since I am an extreme optimist as well as an aspiring perfectionist, I seek layouts, interesting juxtapositions, metaphors or alignments in everything - even in very mundane, or otherwise unattractive motifs. If I have to stare at the floor in a waiting room, I look for patterns that create unexpected and unseen shapes. Life could be extremely boring, looking at it from a different angle creates a whole new experience for me. It feels great to share this with you and to see these captured moments go up on walls around the world.

Thank you for enjoying my art and please drop me a line
with your thoughts and comments.


Fabian Geyrhalter

Malibu, CA